It was always going to be a difficult choice.

Art and music were for most of my early  life, my favoured choices, along with natural sciences, which also fascinated me.

Both  were essential, as far as I was concerned, and a life without them would have been pretty bleak.

I suppose my hero might be Leonardo da Vinci, where the borders of science and art blur, with his beautiful drawings of anatomy and botanical specimens, and also his wonderful machines and inventions.

But then there was Mozart…..

I suppose if I could have had two lives, I might possibly have been a vet, as well as an artist – at least that was my first choice, after being a famous concert pianist in my spare time (sic)….

In the end, after reading Music with Fine Arts at Nottingham University,  I pursued a music career of sorts, but doing visual arts  in the musical world.

I did an assortment of wonderful jobs, from theatre design for opera, to graphic design for various musicians and in various locations, including the Edinburgh Festival, and ending up in London.

I was incredibly lucky, securing a great many opportunities and meeting some amazing people.

It wasn’t until I settled down in my late twenties that I found what I most enjoyed , that is,  painting portraits, and working with people to capture likeness.

This is still my main work, although as you may notice from the contents of this website, I do and have done many other types of artwork.



Whatever I am working on, I try to represent or look for truth, in whatever context it presents itself.

It might be very straightforward, such as a simple figurative representation, or it might be complicated, and involve abstract concepts, using multi media technology or different technical skills.

As with everything, sometimes one sees the horizon  distantly, and has to work out a map and a road to arrive somewhere near to one’s planned destination.

This is the lure of discovery and invention, which  draws one onwards,  hopefully to a  satisfactory or possible conclusion.

This is true whether it is a portrait of someone new, a new colour or scene in a country I haven’t visited before, or some more abstract concept which will take  a degree of headwork before I can attempt some sort of installation or something to represent it.

I continue to enjoy my art, finding new ways of creating work which I hope will bring pleasure and a reflection of some of the original joy in its creation.

Thank you for visiting my website.