I have always primarily been interested in the portrait as an art form.

It is a mix of observation and interpretation by the artist, and depends also to some extent on what the sitter is prepared or able to give in terms of character and personality during the sittings, when both artist and sitter come together.
It is in effect a partnership, and takes effort from both parties, although perhaps a little more from the person behind the easel!

I am in the main self-taught in the practice of portraiture. I studied Fine Arts and Music at Nottingham University to gain an Honours Degree, and this gave me an excellent grounding in the classical tradition of painting and portraiture, both in the Italian Renaissance, and during the Classical and Romantic period in England and Europe.
I have also studied at Heatherley School of Art in Chelsea.

I work mostly in artists soft pastel, although I will use oil if requested. I will usually need sittings over a period of several months to paint an adult portrait, and it is important to factor this in, when commissioning a portrait. I do use some photography, but in the main, most of the character work is accomplished during the sittings, when I am able to get to know and observe the subject.

I work from my studio in my house in Buckinghamshire, although I will occasionally be prepared to travel in order to complete a portrait.

I continue to find my work so interesting, even fascinating, partly because no two people are alike in any way. I believe that each person is individual, special, unique. It is a joy in my work to discover each different personality and character, and set it down, and so capture that which is definitive and descriptive of that whole person, regardless of what age one chooses to portray.