I have always drawn faces. Expressions, character, personality, likeness – these are what interest me and continue to do so, increasingly so, even after three decades or so as a portrait painter.

I find it fascinating that every single person is created a unique personality – even identical twins are quite different – and I noticed this in my own children. In fact their arrival is what sparked my work into life, as I realised that each one already had a perfectly formed character in embryo from day one, from when they were born.



This spiritual nucleus of personality is what portraiture is really all about; the likeness is merely the outward apperance of this inner character of soul.

I try in my work to find and capture that depth and beauty which is at the heart of every individual human soul, be it a child or an adult. This is why this genre of work is so continually facsinating to me, and why every commission is fresh and different for me, and for the sitter.



The Waiting List


I normally have a waiting list, so if you have a special date in mind, or perhaps Christmas, please give me as much notice as possible so that I can fit in your commission in time.

If you decide to put your name on my waiting list, there is of course no obligation whatsoever for you to commission a portrait when the time comes, if you should change your mind.


Please remember that a good portrait is a joint venture!  It is a work between artist and sitter, something that is created in the space between.  I will usually work in my studio in between sittings, but it is always during the sittings that the “magic” of a good portrait is made.  It is something that requires comittment on the part of the sitter as well as the artist, and I cannot paint a wonderful portrait if you do not attend for sittings!!  In rare cases I have been able to capture a personality from photographs and an occasional sitting, or no sitting, where someone is deceased.  But this is rare, and not usually the case.




The pricing structure relects the time taken for a commission, and the medium used and the size of the work.


Child (head and shoulders): from £695  (pastel) / £350  (watercolour sketch)


Adult (head and shoulders): from £795  (pastel) / £895  (oil)


Dog:  £295  (pastel) head and shoulders / £350  (pastel) whole dog