Following my annual Open Studio, I was pleased to be commissioned to do some illustration work for AD publishing, under the auspices of Scripture Press.

I was delighted to collaborate with Stephanie Jeffs and be given a free hand to illustrate her book “The Miracle of Life”.

This is a children’s book, showing the miracle that happens when an egg is fertilized and over the space of nine months becomes a whole new person, and is born.

I deliberately chose a rather loose and open pastel style, to soften some of the more graphic images, yet included a great many biological facts and figures.

The book was a huge success and was published worldwide.   I was requested to illustrate another children’s book called “Sam’s New Baby”, which was a paperback.

This was worked in watercolour with a pastel overlay, and is in a more conventional style.

Both are  now out of print, although you can obtain copies through Amazon.


I also painted some pieces which were used for a series of “little books” which were published in Holland.  These were very free in and watercolour, covering such subjects as “Motherhood”, “Grief”, “Joy” and so on.  These were mainly used for the gift book market.


There were several other illustration projects in the pipeline, including a Christmas one,  but these have not  yet come to fruition.

I have also myself written two stories for children, but these need editing and for now, are not illustrated.