“Journey” consists of three pieces of work I did for an exhibition called ‘Art in a box’. I used the word ‘journey’ because they are about the journey we are all on – the journey of life.

This piece was very much influenced by my visit to the Red Centre of Australia and Aboriginal art and culture.  The coffin shaped box is made from clear and tinted perspex, the bottom being orange, and top being royal blue.  These colours throw down light onto the painted branches according to the light shining through them.  I have painted the lowest third in earth colours to indicate life here and now; the middle section is painted pure white, thus reflecting blue, but otherwise neutral; and the upper section beyond the box lime greens and  sky blue and mauves to indicate life and colour as I saw it in the birds and sky of Australia, another country,  foreign to me and strange.  The branches grow “through” the box in a continuous existence of form. The coloured branches are also decorated with rings of white dots, similar to those in Aboriginal art.