This is the cover design of the book I was commissioned to illustrate, which describes  to a child how a baby is made, from fertilized egg to newborn baby, both in utero, and also in the eyes of the child seeing his/her mother  during  the nine months of pregnancy.
The colour orange/red was selected as a background for the European and rest of the world market, but the American market chose to have a plain cream background.
The book was widely successful worldwide but is now sadly out of print.
All the adults and children in the book were modelled on real people, and I used photographs for the in utero pictures and researched medical photographic and other material for the other illustations.The book is intended to be suitable for small children to have read to them, or for an older child to read for themselves.  I have deliberately “softened” some of the more graphic images to make them suitable for very young children. They are all drawn in pastel on soft brown paper.