This part of my website is a bit of a mixture.

I will endeavour to outline some of my work shown, to demonstrate some of the techniques I have tried.


1)    Photo-montage and collage, with watercolour, and pencil additions dedicated to Cape Town – here only a detail is shown.

The original is huge, and is in some way a tribute to the people, the many cultures, and the city, containing poems and prose written across the painting, referring to scenes and happenings.



I have done a number of collage, watercolour and inks, all of which are now sold, finding this a good medium to express the power and atmosphere of a landscape, its contours, flow and colours.





The three works in 3D which were inspired by the exhibition entitled “Art in a box” – these were loosely linked around the theme of “journey” i.e. the journey of life.

I very much enjoyed working with different materials, in 3D, and although I have previously done a lot of figurative (sculptural)work, these are the first truly copnceptual abstract pieces I have attempted.

I hope to develop  ideas such as this in the future,  using both non-organic and organic materials together, with emphasis on their difference and form.



I am interested in making pieces which can withstand being exposed to the elements, and I like the idea of things changing and transforming over a period of time and exposure.