I came to paint in oils rather late in life, unless you count the brief encounter I enjoyed in my early teens.

After being confined to the limits of just pastel and paper, to be let loose on the whole gamut of oil pigments and canvas was a bit like being given a symphony orchestra to compose for after a string quartet!

Needless to say, it has limitless possibities, and I have much to do.

I studied for a short time at Heatherleys School of Art in Chelsea, mainly in portraiture and the human form.

I also very much enjoy painting landscape in oil, particularly when in the Southern Hemisphere, where the light is so strong and bright, and the colours quite fierce.

I also find that the nature of oil paint suits this climate better, as you have more time to work, as it drys more slowly.

Having studied the Italian Renaissance in detail as part of my degree course, I am particularly interested in layering paint, with underlying colour showing through, and giving depth and character.

I have investigated this with acrylic paint, but found it unsatisfactory.

I am currently experimenting with different painting grounds,  to make slightly reflective, icon like age less images.