Although I have always used watercolour sketches as a means of recording image and atmosphere when I travel, I started really painting watercolour seriously around twenty years ago.

I am very much interested in Chinese brush techinique, although I like to use tube watercolour pigment mostly, rather than inks, for my paintings.

I love the freedom and spontaneity of the medium, and the beautiful effects which can be achieved using different qualities of paper and pigments.


They say it takes ten years to learn to paint watercolour.  I feel I am still learning, and making new and exciting discoveries.

I find the use of water with pigment a most enjoyable change from my other main category of work i.e. portraits in pastel, which is a dry medium.  The latter is also very precise and exacting, whereas I can be a little more free when I am painting a watercolour in general.

Some of my paintings have been made into cards by the Medici Society, who also commissioned a set of flower paintings for some cards and notelets.

I was asked to make a limited signed edition of two of my paintings, by Obsidian Art Gallery, and these are now available online from me.


I enjoy painting in watercolour purely for itself, but also like to use it in conjunction with other media, such as inks, papers, and acrylic.

However, I prefer to stick to “pure” watercolour technique, without any additional white body colour for example, if I am just painting in this medium.  There is nothing to beat the translucence and beauty of pure colour laid onto paper.